Pocket Doors Repair & Installation Services

GVA Doors offer reliable and efficient pocket door repair and installation services in the Greater Vancouver area.


Pocket door repair

Tired of dragging your Pocket Door? Do you want your pocket door fixed and properly aligned for smooth operation? Need a Pocket Door Repair? GVA Doors are here to help!
Pocket door installation

Pocket door Installation

Building a Home & Need a Professional Pocket Door Installation? Retrofit your home and want to upgrade it with a new Pocket Door Installed? GVA Doors are a phone call away.
Soft close pocket door installation

Soft Close Pocket Door

Interested in improving your pocket door with a "Soft Close" Pocket Door System? Want your pocket door to break gently before reaching the frame, then close gently and safely by itself? Give us a call

Pocket Door Services


Pocket doors are an excellent way to provide privacy and space in confined spaces such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, or pantries. They are also perfect for those who feel uncomfortable with standard swing door designs because they don't take up that much space! Pocket door installation is a tricky task. GVA Doors will Guarantee that you get the job done right, with professional results! Installing the pocket door is a difficult process. This requires more work than simply installing the doors onto an open frame, and you may need to build a separate wall for them when they are closed as well! However, it can be done if you hire professionals who know what they're doing - just make sure that this task doesn't end up costing more time or money than necessary because those pesky contractors always come with hidden costs... Not with GVA Doors. We never start a project until we confirm all aspects of installing the pocket door, and make everything transparent, including advance guidance on the final cost of installing the pocket door. GVA Doors are the best choice for expert pocket door installation. We complete our work on time and within budget, so you can rest assured that your needs will be met with professional efficiency!


If your pocket door has fallen off the rails, is squeaky, or doesn't slide the way it used to, our experts can help. Pocket door repairs are complicated. You have to remove the jambs and trim in to access roller hardware or tracks, which means you'll want experts for this job if it is not done right from start-to-finish with everything put back correctly after the repair has been completed so that nothing happens out of sight as well! Our team will not just replace the door; we'll first identify what caused this problem and then prevent it from happening again. We take our commitment to deliver the highest quality pocket door repair service seriously. Our team will make sure that your Pocket door rollers or tracks are replaced with brand-new parts and we won’t stop until you feel like you got your money's worth! If you are looking for experts in pocket door installation or repair, you're at the right place! Call GVA Doors today for a free estimate on your Pocket door needs. We care about our customers; this is why we also offer 24/7 emergency services that will take priority over all other projects.

Pocket Door Installation Near Me

Hire GVA Doors today and rest assured that you get an expert in Pocket door repairs & Installation with years of experience and a diverse skill set. We’ll go beyond just repairing or installing pocket doors and offer a variety of door repair and installation services like Garage door installation, Commercial door repair, sliding door repair, and many more. GVA Doors are a local expert who is here to help. Give us a call any time of the day at (604) 398-4009 or contact us online to find reliable pocket door repair and installation near you.
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