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We install sectional Garage Doors & Overhead Doors from different materials, custom sizes, various Glazing options & durable finishes

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Amarr® Lincoln

The Amarr Lincoln collection offers over 150 door designs made from durable and low-maintenance steel. Classic design at great value prices.

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Amarr® Hillcrest

Choose from over 100 carriage house designs with the Amarr Hillcrest collection, made from durable and low-maintenance steel. Great value .

New Garage door

Amarr® Classica

From a distance, you see wood. Up close, it's durable, low-maintenance steel. Authentic carriage house looks to complement your home’s exterior.

Amarr Carriage Court Garage Door

Amarr® Carriage Court

Built with durable composite overlay trim and insulated steel-backed sections, these doors provide energy efficiency, and innovative design

Amarr full view Garage door

Amarr® Classica® Full View

The three-section tall Amarr Classica Full View garage door allows maximum natural lighting to your interior space. The contemporary design combined with polyurethane insulated steel door provides years of energy efficient

Vista-full view garage door

Amarr® Vista

Bring natural lighting indoors. These modern, sleek garage doors perfectly mirror the clean lines and glass expanses of your home’s contemporary design. Available in a variety of glass options (thickness & finish) as well frame colors.

new Full view garage doors

Amarr® Horizon

Strong horizontal lines combined with long, narrow expanses of glass make a distinctive design statement to your house. Aluminium doors comes with dozens of glazing options as well as endless color options, your choices are practically limitless.

new custom wooden garage doors Vancouver

Amarr® by Design

The exquisite Amarr by Design collection lets you design your own unique door or choose from our 10 most popular carriage house door styles. Combine materials, window and custom hardware for a one-of-a-kind door.

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Garage Door Replacement

Whether you're looking to update your residential or commercial property, Garage Door Replacement should be on the top of your list! and our garage door replacement service is perfect for both. We supply Garage Doors that Made of durable metal and Steel which won't rust or rot over time and has a lifetime warranty, our new models will be low maintenance and accompanied by a professional and reliable Garage Door Replacement installation Service

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Garage door construction

All our Garage Doors are made with high quality standards in mind. Our garage doors compares to the highest level of excellence, durability, and energy efficiency in the industry. If you're looking for an eco-friendly steel, composite, wood, or authentic British carriage house Steel doors, these garage doors come in various levels of insulation and noise control options. Let us help you find the perfect garage door for your lifestyle needs!

Garage Door Modification

Garage door modification

We install modifications that are right for you. With High Lift Garage Door Conversions, we can make more headroom in your garage, opening the door to a whole new world of lifestyle options! Low Headroom Modification is also available at our expert workshop where we construct garages to fit any size. Installations can include low-headroom doors and custom-made drives with both manual and electric operation - just specify your needs and let us work on them while you relax.

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Garage Doors Installations
Garage Doors Installations

Are you renovating your home in the Burnaby or Greater Vancouver area and have decided to install a new garage door? Or maybe you are constructing a new home and are wondering where to get a garage door for it? Or maybe your old garage door keeps malfunctioning and you want to have repairs done on it? Whatever the issue is, when it comes to garage doors there is no one better to call than GVA Garage Doors. We have been providing garage door solutions to residents of Burnaby, Canada, and the entire Lower Mainland for many years and we continue to be the go-to company for all things to do with garage doors.

Our service continues to stand out because of several reasons. One is that we provide quality services at very affordable prices. The other is that all our technicians are well trained and they have a lot of experience working with different brands of garage doors. In addition to that, we have trained them to work fast – they understand that our clients are eager to have their homes back to themselves so they aim to finish every job in the least possible time.  We also use only the very best materials for our doors and also garage door openers – using the #1 rated brand of the opener in North America (Chamberlain).

We insist that all our clients have garage doors that are working properly at all times for one reason – it is an entry point into your house. Before thieves scheme about how they will break the lock on your front or back door they first check whether they can access your home through your garage – they have more cover there and they will not be seen by neighbors. If your garage door has a problem, such as faulty springs, they will have a much easier time breaching it. We tell our clients to call us at the first sign that their garage door is malfunctioning, but we also insist that they call us regularly so that we can do maintenance – this proactive approach stops malfunctions from happening.

You can also call us if your door frames need repair or replacement as we handle all types of door repairs both residential and commercial.

Find out more by browsing through our site. You can get a quote for garage door replacement or repair by calling us on(604) 398-4009.

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