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At GVA Garage Doors, we take immense pride in our commitment to excellence, and nothing speaks louder about our dedication than the words of our satisfied customers.

Discover the experiences of those who have trusted us with their garage door needs, and learn why GVA Garage Doors is the preferred choice across the Greater Vancouver Lower Mainland.


Most frequent questions and answers

Garage Door Openers manufactured from 1993 to present have an infrared photo eye safety system to reverse the garage door if something is in the way of the door when it is closing. 

Sometimes the “light beam” is obstructed by the stuff we keep in the garage & in particular around the door tracks such as hockey sticks, brooms, gardening tools or even a spider web on the eyes.

It is possible for the sensors to get misaligned and that will also cause the door to reverse immediately or in some cases when they are just  a bit out of alignment the door may travel half way before reversing.

Check sensors for an obstruction or see if the lighted indicators located on both the sending and receiving eyes are both light on.

If one of them is out or flashing/blinking, then they may need to be realigned.

Most of the time a garage door won’t open manually or with the motor because of the counterbalance mechanism that isn’t functioning such as a broken extension or torsion spring. If there is an electric opener and no noise can be heard when activated, try to disconnect the opener by pulling the emergency release (red cord) and manually lifting the door. If the door goes up and is not heavy, the problem is most likely related to the opener. Make sure there is power in the outlet supplying the opener and if there is, then a service call from a trained professional is required. If there is some problem with the counterbalance mechanism, repair should be made only by a qualified garage door specialist.


Modern steel garage doors have a unique joint design to each manufacturer that has to match for the door to seal and close properly. Garage doors manufacturers change this joint design every 5-10 years, so if your steel garage door is older than 10 years there is a big chance your door manufacturer doesn’t make those panels anymore. If this is a wooden door, we will recommend in most cases to use a private Carpenter to do a repair or to completely replace the door. In some cases the best economic solution is to replace the complete door.


Only if you have experience in replacing garage door springs, if not, you should have them replaced by a qualified Garage door specialist. Keep in mind that the garage door spring / counterbalance system is engineered to lift doors on average weighing in excess of three hundred pounds or more!  A tremendous amount of torque is generated by a torsion spring and should be avoided at all cost by an inexperienced individual. Extension springs carry a great amount of potential energy and many people have been injured un-necessarily when trying to repair it themselves.



garage door repair Richmond

We Provide 24/7 Garage Door Repair Richmond, BC Service
“The Best Garage Door Service in Richmond, BC area.”
  • Our Quality Service is unbeatable, and exceeds the efforts of our competitors.
  • First of all, We Guarantee! an honest assessment of your door issue.
  • As a result, our customers know exactly what’s wrong with their door and all the possible options for repair/replacement
  • That is to say that we don’t rush to replace parts rather than trying to rebuild and reuse existing hardware
  • The Attractive prices that we offer to our customers, is a result of a reach experience in the Garage Door industry.
  • Which in conclusion makes the repair and installations in your home safe, & affordable.
  • All of our technicians specialize in repairing Garage doors in Richmond from every manufacturer.
  • We have the experience which enables us to work with doors old and new.

Contact our team and have your garage door looking as good as new in no time!


Experienced Experts Available Around the Clock for Garage Door Repair in Richmond, BC

Has the malfunctioning of your garage door been a constant source of frustration for you?

For a dependable and expert garage door repair company in the Richmond, British Columbia area?

Get off your rummaging!

When you need assistance with your garage door, our skilled experts are available around the clock.

We’ve worked hard to earn the reputation as Richmond, BC’s top garage door service company, and we’re confident you’ll agree that the quality of our work is second to none.

What sets us different from the competition is our dedication to giving customers an honest evaluation of their door problem.

We don’t propose immediate replacement of broken components, preferring instead to first attempt repair and usage of the current gear.

If your garage door is ancient or brand new, our professionals can fix it because they have experience working on doors from all manufacturers.

When you work with our staff, you can relax knowing that your garage door repair or installation will be completed in a risk-free and cost-effective manner.

Services for Repairing Garage Doors are Something We Provide

We offer garage door opener installation in Richmond, and we can put in openers from LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Linear, and Craftsman, to name a few of the more well-known brands.

Have the best garage door opener for your needs installed by our trained professionals.

We also service and repair garage door openers in the Richmond area.

Please give us a call if your garage door opener is malfunctioning, and we will have one of our trained professionals out to assess the situation and offer a solution as soon as possible.

We offer new garage door installations in Richmond, and we carry some of the most trusted names in the business, such as Amarr, Steelcraft, Wayne Dalton, and Northwest.

With the assistance of our staff, you will be able to select the ideal door for your house and have it expertly installed.

When it comes to garage door repair and maintenance in Richmond, we are the experts.

We service and repair garage doors from all the major manufacturers, including Garaga, Haas, and CHI.

The issue with your garage door will be identified by our staff, and we will offer a way to fix it.

Don’t worry if the brand of your garage door or garage door opener isn’t on the list above; we’ll give you our best advice, professionally and for free.

There is still time for us to assist you. Our team of highly trained technicians is happy to provide you with free, qualified advice.

Garage Door Repair Richmond, BC is proud to offer unrivalled service to its clientele.

You can have faith in us to fix your garage door because we will provide you with an honest assessment of the problem, reasonable rates, and skilled technicians.

Get in touch with us immediately and we’ll have your garage door looking brand new in no time.

Garage Door Openers we Install in Richmond, BC

Garage Door Openers we repair & Service in Richmond, BC

New Garage Doors we Install in Richmond, BC

Garage Doors we Service & Repair in Richmond, BC

GVA Garage Doors offers expert broken spring repair and replacement services in Richmond.

Our skilled technicians ensure your springs are correctly fixed or replaced for smooth, safe door operation.

GVA Garage Doors specializes in off-track door repair and adjustment in Richmond.

We realign and adjust your door to its proper track for seamless functionality.

In Richmond, GVA Garage Doors provides comprehensive opener motor repair and replacement.

We ensure your Garage Door opener works efficiently, enhancing your garage door’s reliability.

GVA Garage Doors in Richmond offers professional repair services for garage door sensors and safety features.

We ensure optimal performance and safety of your garage door.

GVA Garage Doors in Richmond delivers top-notch panel repair and replacement. We restore your garage door’s aesthetic and structural integrity.

Richmond’s GVA Garage Doors efficiently handles repair and reprogramming of garage door remotes and keypads, ensuring easy and secure access to your garage.

GVA Garage Doors provides rapid emergency Garage Door repair services in Richmond.

Our team offers immediate solutions for urgent garage door issues at any time.

24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair in Richmond, BC: Call (604)398-4009

A garage is a necessity for any homeowner. It keeps your vehicles safe and protected from the elements, while also providing additional storage space.

When your garage door is damaged or broken, it can disrupt your peace of mind and even endanger your loved ones.

That’s why you need the help of a professional garage door repair Richmond BC technician who can handle any problem.

At GVA Garage Doors, we provide 24/7 emergency garage door repair services in Richmond, BC, ensuring that you get the assistance you need anytime, anywhere.

Any garage door issue can be solved quickly and effectively by our team of highly trained professionals.

Emergency Garage Door Repair

Your family’s safety could be at risk if you have a damaged garage door.

In order to prevent any further issues, it is essential to call for emergency garage door repair services in Richmond BC.

Our team is always ready to provide prompt and efficient services to ensure your garage door is in top condition.

Garage Door Spring Repair

The spring of your garage door plays a crucial role in the opening and closing of the door.

If you notice any problem with your garage door, it may be because the garage door spring needs repairing.

At GVA Garage Doors, we provide garage door spring repair in Richmond, BC, to ensure that your garage door functions properly and safely.

Repairing Garage Door Cables

The entire weight of your garage door must be supported by the cable.

It experiences a lot of tension, which helps in making your garage door run smoothly.

The cable may be to blame if your garage door isn’t working properly.

For skilled garage door cable repair in Richmond, British Columbia, contact us right away.

Repairing or Replacing a Garage Door Opener

Inconvenience and safety risks can result from a broken or faulty garage door opener.

To ensure that your garage door operates effectively, GVA Garage Doors offers repair and replacement services for garage door openers in Richmond, BC.

Garage Door Services

Checking and maintaining your garage door on a regular basis can help avoid unwanted incidents and keep your family safe.

Garage door repair, installation, and maintenance are just some of the services we offer at GVA Garage Doors in Richmond, British Columbia.

To guarantee that your garage door is operating at its best, our team of experts is prepared with the tools and knowledge required.

Garage Door Installation

In some cases, a garage door repair on certain parts of the door will not work.

In such situations, new garage door installation is the perfect solution.

If you’re looking for professional garage door installation in Richmond, British Columbia, look no further than GVA Garage Doors.

Different Parts of a Garage Door

The garage door consists of various parts that play a crucial role in ensuring its proper functioning.

The springs, sensors, rollers, and hinges all contribute to the smooth opening and closing of your garage door.

It’s essential to properly maintain each part regularly to avoid any accidents or inconvenience.


In order to keep your family safe and secure, GVA Garage Doors is committed to offering the best garage door repair Richmond BC has to offer.

Our team of highly skilled professionals is available 24/7 to handle any garage door problem efficiently and effectively.

Contact us today at (604)398-4009 to schedule an appointment or for emergency services.

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