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We have Experience replacing all types of Garage Door Springs in Coquitlam, BC for about 10 years | Using Quality Materials |

We replace Garage Door motor Gear sprocket, Logic Boards, Sensors, Wall controls, Rails and many more. 

If you need a Replacement of your old opener or New Garage Door Opener Installation in Coquitlam, BC Get in contanct with us 

We install top of the line Garage Door Openers, with built in Wifi for remote control of the door, as well as built in Camera for maximum control of the movement in the Garage

Our Electro Mechanic and Carpentry experience allow us to install Garage Doors Coquitlam in a Proffecional manner leaving you with a perfectly workinf Garage Door for a lifetime

If your Garage Door Panel was damaged and need replacement in Coquitlam, we can help.

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Beside our 10 Year Reputation Installing Garage Doors &  Entry Doors in the lower mainland & Coquitlam, our team of professionals got another 10 years of Carpentry and Electro Mechanic equipment service Experience 
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Our reputation was built slowly, and solid.
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Most frequent questions and answers

Garage Door Openers manufactured from 1993 to present have an infrared photo eye safety system to reverse the garage door if something is in the way of the door when it is closing.  Sometimes the “light beam” is obstructed by the stuff we keep in the garage & in particular around the door tracks such as hockey sticks, brooms, gardening tools or even a spider web on the eyes. It is possible for the sensors to get misaligned and that will also cause the door to reverse immediately or in some cases when they are just  a bit out of alignment the door may travel half way before reversing. Check sensors for an obstruction or see if the lighted indicators located on both the sending and receiving eyes are both light on. If one of them is out or flashing/blinking, then they may need to be realigned.