When to Replace your Commercial Door Hinges
When to Replace your Commercial Door Hinges

The storefront door of your business is something you don’t think much about as long as it’s in functional condition. The only time we notice the storefront door & its hardware is when something is wrong. And it’s the time when you want to call a professional for your commercial door repair in Coquitlam.

There’re many parts & components that make the whole storefront door functional. You must have heard the words like springs, openers, door closers, pivots, but the word hinges might look unfamiliar.

A door hinge is a vital part that’s small in size yet very critical for the right functioning of the business door. Hinges are placed in-between the sectional piece of the door & help keep the door intact, letting each section bend when the door is closed or opened. Without functional hinges, your commercial door would be a collection of disconnected door panels which cannot be used correctly for closing or opening the storefront door.

Hinges are small in size, but are subjected to tremendous stress every time when you close or open the door. Though hinges are designed to deal with the load of the door & act as a safety barrier, but sometimes they do breakdown either because of the bend or excess wear and tear of the door.

How to know if your commercial door hinges are problematic?

The first indication that you’ll see when your commercial door hinge is damaged are:

Difficult in movement

Load or strange sound while moving the door

Strained movement of the door

Whether it’s rusted or broken commercial door hinges, stop using your door for a few days until the issue is sorted out. These components usually wear out with regular use. Hinges are simple & affordable to replace with right equipment, but business owners must be aware of the possible damage of the tension and weight on the system if the hinges are not replaced in the right way.

If your commercial or storefront door needs a replacement of the hinges and you are looking for a dependable company, GVA Garage Doors can help. We provide hinge replacement & repairs at a pocket-friendly price. Our crew is experienced and are equipped with professional skills needed for prompt commercial door hinge repair and replacement.

Feel free to call us now for any type of commercial door repair in Coquitlam. We are available 24/7 for most of the commercial door repair and installation in and around Coquitlam.

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