Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage doors are no more than the typical roll-top ones, which need to be pushed up by hand. At present, garage door openers are available with different accessories to make opening easier. Irrespective of how heavy the door, it can be fitted with the right type of opener. These openers assure the highest safety & security for garages under any conditions. Also, they are provided with many features & designs to fit the specific requirements of the users.

Garage door openers are of 2 types relying upon the use: commercial and residential. When it comes to commercial garage door openers, the main models are Hoist, Jackshift, Trolley, and the Slide models. While Trolley openers are employed for standard lifting on sectional doors, jackshift is employed for rolling doors, grilles and shutters. Hoist operators are identical to Jackshifts but they’re also apt for heavy-duty industrial doors. The slide door openers are designed for single and biparting slide doors and also for the fire doors.

The most important step in buying a garage door opener is to determine the actual drive system. Garage door openers are of 3 types relying upon the drive system: chain-driven belt driven and direct drive. The most critical point to be taken into consideration in a garage opener system are the type of motor & the horsepower. Overhead door openers vary in speed as well. The normal speed is 7 inches lift/drop per second. There’re openers that run at even double this speed.

Garage door openers are available with different types of warranties. Safety is another critical aspect when picking the correct overhead door opener. It’s obligatory that all automatic openers must be furnished with a non-contact invisible beam system that can sense the approach of a person & make the door reverse back to the open position. Other obligatory features are a timed reversing feature, automatic lights, a manual emergency release cord, and a force adjustment feature.

Garage door openers are generally noisy but today you can avail many advanced models which are being designed to be truly quiet. Proper upkeep & lubrication would also reduce the noise produced by garage door openers. On the whole, garage door openers must be safe, weather-resistant, and must have the least wire exposure for long life.

Since garage door opener is the most used component of an overhead door, it can malfunction at times. This is where you can take advantage of professional Garage Door Opener Repair Coquitlam. Call GVA Garage Doors to find out what is wrong with your garage door or garage door opener!

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