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Have you ever been locked out of your car or house? We’ve all done it once or twice, and it can be very frustrating to find a local locksmith that can come out at the last minute and let you in. Not only do you need a 24 hour locksmith, you also need one that’s actually local – which also will affect their rates. Many companies that try to pass themselves off as a local locksmith aren’t local at all – and they charge you for their travel and sometimes even the time they leave you waiting.

Do you need help with a lock out right now? Don’t hesitate! Just call us at (604) 398-4009 to start a service call right away. Our 24 hour office can take your call and help you right away, so you can get back to life as quickly as possible. We can help with doors, lock repairs, be getting locked out and other specialized services. We can even rekey locks if you need it. In addition to locks rekey services, we also provide any other repair as needed. We can help anyone in the local area, and help you get back on the road or back inside your home as quickly as possible. This is why so many people who live in Port Mody, Maple Ridge, Port Coquitlam and the greater Vancouver area trust us to show up on time, every time.

Choose a Trusted Professional Locksmith When You’re Locked Out

It’s time to choose a professional next time you experience an auto or car lockout. You can get started right now by calling us at (604) 398-4009

We’re your local locksmith, and we’re here whenever you need us. If you’ve lost your keys to your house or locked them inside of your auto, it always feels like an emergency when you can’t get inside. We’ll come to you, whether you are in Richmond, Burnaby, Delta or White Rock. Please see our list of locations to find out if we serve you. Remember — we can also help you change locks and replace cylinders as well. There’s no lock job too big or too small, just get in touch.

Even if you’re not experiencing an emergency, there may be other reasons you need our number saved in your cell phone, especially if you’re a property owner. Maybe you need to have a locks rekey at your home or office – we can do that, too. Or if you need help with a broken key or broken lock on one of your doors, we can fix or replace those as well.

There are often times where lock cylinders are broken or you need a complete lock change. Some locksmiths may overcharge you for this, but by trusting a local for your repair needs, you know whom you can go to if something goes south next time. We can get your locks replaced quickly, whatever your circumstances. We can also provide a fix for a broken key, if needed.

What are you waiting for? If you live in Port Coquitlam, Point Grey, Yaletown, West Vancouver and surrounding areas, it’s time to get your lock problems fixed and secure your property. Give us a call at (604) 398-4009 to get started.

When to Call

Just like you keep your emergency contact on your phone, you should keep our phone number handy, too. Our number is (604) 398-4009. Save it in your phone to make life easier. We can help you almost any time during the 24 hour day, and the services we provide are so specialized it’s imperative that you have a trustworthy provider like us. We handle hard cases in many localities, including Tsawwassen, West Vancouver, Shaughnessy, East Vancouver and even Kitsilano and Marpole. We also help people in other local areas. Here are some typical situations where you’ll to keep our phone number handy:

  • Auto Lock-Outs: Imagine getting stuck in Surrey, Point Grey, Richmond or Coquitlam in the winter because you’ve locked your keys in your auto. An auto lockout extreme weather can be scary and frustrating. Let us be your superhero.
    • A Nasty Breakup, House Dispute or Divorce: These things happen, and it’s cheaper to get a lock rekey or change than it is to lose valuable property or have locks damaged. Give us a call, we’ll change the locks and help you get on with your life.
    • You’ve Lost Your Only Key: Sometimes you’ll lose the only copy of your car key or even have broken key that sticks in the lock. Only a locksmith is qualified to make you a key that actually works in your car or front door. Get in touch to have replacement home keys or replacement car keys fitted for your door.
    • Lock Out Situations: You’re locked out of your house, car, or office and there’s no one around with an extra key. A 24-hour service is ideal to get you back inside as quick as possible and we can come to you in New Westminster, Annacis Island, Port Mody, Burnaby and surrounding areas to make sure you get inside as soon as possible.
    • Rekeying Locks: Whether you are in Maple Ridge, UBC, Coquitlam or another locality, we can help you secure your house, office or car with a locks rekey, repair, or lock replacement. You may only need the cylinders changed or a locks rekey after a broken key gets stuck in one of your doors. You may find that the cylinders are damaged, however. In that case, we will suggest the locks be replaced entirely. Let us assess what needs to be done and get working for you.
    • Repair locks: Sometimes a broken key will get stuck in the door or other damage occurs with a failed break in. Don’t take any chances. We can repair your lock or do a locks rekey to prevent break ins. Call us at(604) 398-4009 to get your locks fixed and
    • secure your house, vehicle, or office today.

    We Serve Vancouver and Surrounding Areas
    We are truly a local business and offer our services to the local area. Call us at (604) 398-4009 to find out about availability. Services we offer include providing replacement car keys, replacement home keys, assistance with auto lock-outs and other specialized locksmith services. We endeavor to provide the very best services at a reasonable price, and will come to you as promptly as possible. We can repair and rekey your auto, house or office. Here are the specific cities we serve:
    Annacis Island
    Downtown Vancouver
    East Vancouver
    Ladner Locksmith
    Maple Ridge
    New Westminster
    North Vancouver
    Pitt Meadows
    Point Grey
    Port Coquitlam
    Port Mody
    West Vancouver
    White Rock

Local Locksmith just call us now: (604) 398-4009

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