What Is A Garage Door?

What Is A Garage Door?
What Is A Garage Door?

Garage Door? Most people take their garage door for granted and don’t give it much thought unless their garage door malfunctions or needs to be replaced. But knowing a little bit about garage doors in general may give you an understanding of how your garage door works and it’s maintenance needs.

What Is A Garage Door?

A garage door is a large door (or sets of doors) that opens either manually or electronically. Garage doors may be made of wood, fiberglass, aluminum or steel and may or may not be insulated to prevent heat loss.

Types of Garage Doors

There are several types of garage doors the most common of which is single panel, sectional garage doors, roller doors (overhead doors) and doors that open horizontally.

Purpose of Your Garage Door

Not only does your garage door make your garage and your property look more attractive but it actually performs a couple of vital services for your garage. First of all, your garage door helps shelter your car and other possessions you keep in your garage.

Your garage door also puts a barrier between you and your possession and anyone who may covet those possession and would like to liberate them from your ownership.

Malfunctioning Garage Doors

Garage doors like any mechanical device are subject to damage and malfunction. Attempting break-ins, accidently driving into your garage door, worn hinges, bent or damaged tracks. rotting wood, the number of things that go wrong with your garage door seems endless.

When something goes wrong with your garage door getting that door repaired or replaced immediately not only saves you a great deal of inconvenience but also may help keep you or other family members safe.

A malfunctioning garage door may be an unsafe garage door sometimes causing the garage door to come down unexpectedly injuring or killing you or someone else.

Mantenance Contracts

Many garage door companies offer maintenance contracts for any garage door they install or repair and in some cases will offer a maintenance contract for any garage door. When you have a maintenance contact, the company will periodically send out a garage door technician to examine your garage door specifically to look for worn or malfunctioning parts which they will then repair, before these small problems become large problems. You must agree to any repairs before they will be made.

Looking to Have Your Garage Door Repaired or New Garage Door Installed?

If you live in Vancouver, BC and are looking to have your garage door repaired or a new garage installed you want to hire the services of the garage door company that has been meeting the needs of customers in your areas for a number of years. GVA Garage Doors is a professional garage door service that has been installing and repairing garage doors in Vancouver and the surrounding area for a number of years.

Just give us a call at (604) 398-4009 and we will be more than happy to repair your existing garage door or install a new garage door. We also offer services contracts for maintaining your garage doors in good working condition.

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