Garage Door Safety:

Garage Door Safety
Garage Door Safety

Your garage door provides an extra layer of security for your home.

It keeps intruders out of your garage and protects what’s inside from the elements. It’s also one of the largest moving objects in your home and that is why it can be a safety hazard if not used correctly.  Family members, pets and anyone else that comes in contact with your garage door could be injured if some simple safety precautions aren’t followed.

Let’s start with the components of your garage door including the garage door opener.

• The button that mounts on the wall inside your garage should be high enough that small children don’t have access to it
• But should still be within clear view of your garage door.

The garage door opener remote control could become another safety hazard if children are allowed to play with it;

• Be sure it is out of their reach and they understand that it is not a toy.

A safety feature of your garage door and one that should be tested regularly, is the reversing mechanism.

• To be sure that your garage door will reverse itself when it comes in contact with an object,
• Place a block of wood or bucket in its path and close the garage door.
• It should contact the item and begin to reopen.

This leads us to your garage door emergency release feature.

• Look in your owner’s manual for instructions on how to use this feature and teach everyone in the home how to use it as well.
• Be sure to get a copy of your owner’s manual from the service that provides your Garage door installer in Vancouver, BC.

Your garage door has a variety of components that should be checked monthly and these include the garage door springs, cables and pulleys. If these look worn, be sure to call for a trusted and reliable garage door service provider in Vancouver, BC  and have a technician replace them.  Do not try to adjust them yourself as they are under tension and could cause serious injury.

You should also test your garage door opener’s photoelectric eye safety beams to ensure they are operating properly.

• If this beam is broken by an object, the garage door should reopen preventing harm to people or vehicles.
• If this feature isn’t working properly, you may want to call for a Garage door repair service in Vancouver, BC and have it adjusted.

As you can see, there are many safety features on today’s garage doors and, when used properly, your garage door will help keep your home and your family safe.

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